MY GAY BEST FRIEND is a heart-warming, ultimately moving exploration of friendship, co-written and performed by Nigel Fairs and Louise Jameson. It was first performed in 2012, when it won an Argus Angel Award during the Brighton Festival, and has since been performed around the world, including Off Broadway and ... More


MORNING IS RED is a love story with a difference, a moving, thoughtful reflection on the "War to end all wars" It was first performed at the Old Red Lion, Islington in 1989. In 2018 it was revived by 368 Theatre Company at the Brighton Festival, directed by Louise Jameson. Trailer Reviews "A commemorative and ... More

The Brighton Killers

THE BRIGHTON KILLERS Four of Brighton's most notorious killers tell you their true-life stories in the police cells below the town hall in a new play written by the award-winning Nigel Fairs. This is a chilling tour you will never forget! More

Honeymoon from Hell

HONEYMOON FROM HELL was first performed in the 1997 Brighton Festival at the Marlborough Theatre. It was a "Private Lives for the nineties"; famous soap star Theresa Van Guilgud honeymooned with her actor husband, Matthew, only to discover to her horror that her ex-girlfriend Rachel was also on honeymoon, in the next ... More

In Bed with Brian, Pam, Bob and Paul

IN BED WITH BRIAN, PAM, BOB AND PAUL (by Nigel Fairs) was 368 Theatre Company's first production, performed at the Marlborough in 1992, and then again in 1996. It was a play about AIDS and television fame: Brian and Pam are daytime tv personalities whose marriage is a sham, as becomes obvious when Bob and Paul enter their ... More