Morlington Mysteries episode 62: The Hound of the Vaskerbills

“Good evening everyone and welcome to Morlington Hill, deep in the heart of darkest Cornwall. My name is Petunia Pollock and I was horribly murdered to death on Saturday 4th March 1939. Tonight we are going to relive that fateful night and you are going to solve the mystery of how I died. It all started in the waiting room of Morlington Halt station, on a cold and foreboding March afternoon. The ticket office was closed and I was quite, quite alone…”

Morlington Hill’s infamous “railway children”, Bobby, Phyllis and Peter Pollock, are shocked at the tragic news of their mother’s death… but was she really killed by a spectral hound?


4th & 11th March 2016 Arundel Jailhouse
5th March 2016 Spa Valley Railway

NIGEL FAIRS (Inspector Sixpence, Sidney Staplegunn), MAX DAY (Sergeant Dingle, Peter Pollock), ABI HARRIS (Petunia Pollock, Roberta Pollock, Frances Sniffit)