Morlington Mysteries episode 61: The Big Sheep

“Good evening everyone and welcome to Morlington Hill, deep in the heart of darkest Cornwall. My name is Alfred Tiddles of Tiddles Antiquarian Books and I was horribly murdered to death on Saturday 4th February 1939. Tonight we are going to relive that fateful night and you are going to solve the mystery of how I died. It all started at Boothby Hall, where I had arrived with a handful of antiquarian books for Lord Pollock…”


12th & 19th February 2016 Arundel Jailhouse
27th February 2016 Preston Manor, Brighton

NIGEL FAIRS (Inspector Sixpence, Eric Bodges, Alfred Tiddles), MAX DAY (Sergeant Dingle, Lord Robert, Christopher Bony), ABI HARRIS (Phylis Twiglet, Titty Turnip, Lady Poppy Pogley)

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