THE POGLEY WOOD MURDERS - To listen to all the available episodes of THE POGLEY WOOD MURDERS, click HERE.
MY GAY BEST FRIEND - MY GAY BEST FRIEND is a heart-warming, ultimately moving exploration of friendship, co-written and performed by Nigel Fairs and Louise Jameson. It was first performed in 2012, when it won […]
MORNING IS RED - MORNING IS RED is a love story with a difference, a moving, thoughtful reflection on the “War to end all wars” It was first performed at the Old Red Lion, […]
My Mother was an Alien – is that why I’m gay? - MY MOTHER WAS AN ALIEN – IS THAT WHY I’M GAY? made its debut at the Brighton Festival 1998, after which the play transferred to Earl’s Court. In 2011 the […]
In Conversation with an Acid Bath Murderer - IN CONVERSATION WITH AN ACID BATH MURDERER tells the chilling true story of John George Haigh, the infamous ‘Vampire killer’ of 1949. It was first performed by the Classic Reaction […]